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The City of Grand Junction is the largest city in western Colorado. It is approximately 247 miles west-southwest of the Colorado State Capitol, in Denver. The 2010 U.S. Census, has the population of the city at 58,566. Grand Junction is the 15th most populated city in the State of Colorado and the most populated city on the Western Slope.

It’s history is rich: for hundreds of years the Ute tribes roamed throughout Western Colorado. When they were relocated in 1881, the area was opened for settlement and the town of Grand Junction was established. The name “Grand” refers to the historical Grand River, which was renamed the upper Colorado River in 1921, and the word “Junction” is from the joining of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers. Hence, Grand Junction has been given the nickname “River City”. Since that time, Grand Junction’s development has experienced several cycles of boom and bust. Agricultural crises, the Great Depression, the growth and decline of the uranium industry and the departure of the oil shale companies left visible reminders of their impact on the community. Many of the sites or structures representative of Grand Junction’s past have been saved with notable examples in the North Seventh Street Historic District, the Railroad Depot, the Avalon Theater and the St. Regis Hotel.

Today, Grand Junction is a major commercial and transportation hub, and one of the major mountain biking destinations in Colorado. Grand Junction boasts some of the nation’s elite business and leisure travelers for private jet travel, with nearby Powderhorn Resort and other ski resorts as major attractions. Grand Junction was ranked number six in Outdoor Life’s 2012 list of The 35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US, and number twelve in Forbes 2012 list of The Best Small Places For Business and Careers.

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