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Become a Medicare Colorado Insurance Agent

Medicare Colorado Insurance agents market Medicare insurance products to Seniors and other community members with disabilities who qualify for Medicare in Colorado. We offer top level agent commission for United Helathcare (Secure Horizons/AARP), Humana, Mutual of Omaha (United World), Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gerber Life, Sentinel, Woodmen, Constitution Life, Aetna, and Foresters. As a agent, you will have multiple companies to work with to help a client find the best plan for their need. We offer great exposure for the search term “medicare colorado,” which currently averages over 5,400 searches a month on Google (, not to mention other long tail keyword searches and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. The number of searches will likely increase during the Open Enrollment Period. offers a unique, FREE lead program by encouraging site visitors to contact a local agent. This is contradictory to the standard model of collecting leads before distribution. We want clients to call you directly! No middleman between you and the client. We are looking for full-time professionals who want to become part our team. All agents will be compliant with Medicare guidelines, with the goal of doing what’s best for the client in every situation. We aim to be the most trusted name in Colorado concerning supplemental insurance products for Medicare. offers training, guidance, and continuing education for our agents, as well as an agent portal to help keep our agents compliant and efficient in the field. Agents have the opportunity to work in retail stores like King Soopers, Safeway, Walgreens, and Target during the Enrollment Period. Retail stores offer tremendous exposure and opportunities. To learn more, please contact Scott Stafford at (303) 941-2994.

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