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Medicare Eligibility Article from 1965

I just came across an article about Medicare from 1965

The article is written by John Troan and published in Salt Lake City’s “The Desert News.”  It’s interesting to see how Medicare was first rolled out in 1965. Anyone born before 1903 at that time were given Medicare benefits, even if they had never worked a day in their life, at no cost.   Those born after 1929 had to have 40 quarters of work history to qualify, which is still the criteria today.  The age to qualify for Medicare has also stayed the same at 65. Interestingly, members of subversive organizations were not allowed to enroll in Medicare.  Also, persons convicted of high crimes could not enroll. To read the full Medicare article and to clip a coupon for an upright giant freezer, follow this link:  Who’s Eligible For Medicare?

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